Asphalt Seal Coat Project

We will start the seal coat project on Monday, April 26, with an expected completion on Thursday, May 6, or as weather permits. Please review the attached schedule with map to identify which areas will be affected each day.  The entire area (parking spaces included) will be affected.

These areas must have all vehicles REMOVED by 8am and will not open back up until 4:30pm the FOLLOWING day.

Building 5 Garage Level 1, Building 1 Garage, Building 3 Garage Level 1 will be completely CLOSED to access on the days specified below.  This means NO VEHICLES will ENTER or EXIT these garages on those days!

The remaining driveways to each garage will remain open (unless specified in the table below) but will be reduced to one lane for entry and exit

2021 Asphalt Seal Coat Project